Monday, May 29, 2006

Why your lane is always the slowest

A drive from Philly to DC makes me realize that your lane is always the slow one because lanes vary in speed randomly, but you're only aware of your relative speed when your lane is the slowest. At the moment that your lane is the fastest, there is a failure of empathy and you don't look around and think, wow, I'm going faster than those poor shlumps. You only look around when you think, poor me, my lane is the slowest. So you only register relative speeds when your lane is the slowest, not when your lane is the fastest. Hence, your lane is always the slow lane.


Blogger Gabriel Mihalache said...

David Friedman had something on this. If you always change lanes to the one that seems the least busy, and everyone does that, you'll just swamp it. So instead of having a sort of equilibrium in which all the lanes are equally slow/fast, the least slow lane will tend to shift. So maybe the best approach would be to avoid temptation and just stick to one lane come-what-may.

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