Monday, May 15, 2006

Alpha Divisions

Brad Delong objects to this Washington Post piece on the grounds that an hour of studying at 3 am the night before an exam is apt to do little to help you. If this is an intro. stat., that isn't actually so implausible. I'd venture that the other objectionable thing about the article is that "the Indian tutor, who said his name was Mike, spent an hour walking Del Monte through such esoteric concepts as confidence intervals and alpha divisions." Now, I know some statistics and confidence intervals are not esoteric, they are rather basic. Yet "alpha divisions"? Alpha divisions I've never heard of, and nor has Google in a statistical context. See alpha is used to talk about a confidence interval, but the concept of alpha division does not exist (so far as I know).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilarious. I was in DC when this article came out and caught my eye. I just got around to researching it, but found your site in the process. Your eyebrows were not the only ones to raise when that article was released.

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Anonymous alex said...

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