Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Warner write-up

Via Brad Delong, this entertaining Matt Bai write-up about Mark Warner:
That Warner has suddenly become a commodity, even among those who know little about him, was obvious at the Florida Democratic Party convention in December, where he swept into a party for the delegates, led by an escort of state police. "That's Governor Warner!" one woman said excitedly. "He's so good-looking!"

"He's got a huge head!" her companion observed, craning her neck to see over the crowd as Warner signed autographs. "He sort of looks like Schwarzenegger."

"I do think he has the best chance," I heard another delegate say knowingly. Warner's speech to the convention the next morning drew a more-than-perfunctory standing ovation.
A Mark Warner/Mitt Romney showdown in the 2008 general would please me very much.


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