Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Is a stunning movie. The creepiness of Willy Wonka goes along with the general creepiness of Roald Dahl's fiction. If anything, the movie reduces the creepiness (we see that the other four children survive). Though the back-story on Wonka serves to make him more creepy and odd -- as it should. Really rather marvelous.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You see that the four children survive in the book, too: there's a scene just like in the film where Charlie and Mr. Wonka hover in the elevator over the children as they leave. In fact, in the book, they've been a bit more affected--Augustus Gloop has been squeezed thin in the pipes, and Mike Teevee is eight-feet tall and paper-thin.

I hated the backstory, though. It rings very wrong to me, and very unlike Dahl's fiction in every respect.

T. Burke

3:30 PM  

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