Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Marshall Plan*

We hereby pledge each European nation
By Re-deployment and by Integration,
By Customs Unions (innocent of Preference,
And so consistent with our terms of reference)
To swell each asset, prune each liability,
And thus attain to Global Viability.

Summoned from every country (except Spain),
Briton and Benelucifer and Dane,
Affluent Switzer and penurious Greek,
We swear with hand on heart (and tongue in cheek)
By 1950 shall the thing be done
--Or if not '50, well then '51.

So look benignly on your zealous scholars,
Dear Mr Marshall, and release the dollars.
--Sir Dennis H. Robertson. 1956. "Economic Verse" in Economic Commentaries, pg. 173.

*Suggested report for the Committee of European Experts which met in Paris to consider Mr Marshall's offer, 1947.


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