Friday, November 11, 2005

Free trade liberals

Nathan Newman gets mad at "free trade liberals" for not fighting for "trade adjustment assistance". His main evidence? That at the DLC and Progressive Policy Institute websites, searches for "trade adjustment assistance" turns up zero hits. No hits, hence they don't care. But this proves rather too much. For "free trade" also has zero hits. As does "welfare." As does "fair trade." And "George W. Bush." And "Bill Clinton." And "United States of America." And "America." Either these "free trade liberals" don't care about, well, anything, or the search function is broken and you can't prove anything from this. Take your pick.

Given that the search function is broken, I'm too lazy to figure out what the PPI and the DLC have to say about trade adjustment assistance. But just as I'm pretty sure that they have something to say about "America," I'm pretty sure they have a position on trade adjustment assistance.


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