Friday, October 07, 2005

More Nobel stuff

Steven Levitt found this list of future winners written on a blackboard at the University of Chicago:
Barro, Bernheim, Card, Doug Diamond, Peter Diamond, Dixit, Fama, Feldstein, French, Goldin, Gene Grossman, Sandy Grossman, Hall, Lars Hansen, Hart, Helpman, Holmstrom, Jorgenson, Kreps, Krugman, Milgrom, Mortenson, Murphy, Myerson, Newey, Obsfeldt, Pakes, Phelps, Pissarides, Posner, Rabin, Rajan, Rogoff, Paul Romer, Sargent, Shleifer, Sutton, Thaler, Tirole, Williamson, Wilson.
Obviously there are some important names missing: Schelling, Bhagwati, Rubinstein, and others.

I also find it ridiculously annoying that in every economics Nobel thread someone has to post a comment explaining that the Nobel prize in economics is not in fact a "real" Nobel prize because it was not included in the will of Alfred Nobel and was created many years later. So please, spare us the didactics, we get it.


Blogger Isaac said...

Note no Aumann and no Schelling on the list. Such a large list and yet so wrong. There is a post in this.

9:50 PM  

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