Saturday, October 01, 2005

Mauritanian news

  • At least 39 people have died from cholera in the capital city, Nouakchott. At least 2000 other cases have been reported.
  • L'Intelligent reports that one reason for the August 3rd coup was dissatisfaction among the military with being given an impossible task: tracking down an Algerian sponsored group into Mali which had attacked a border outpost. For some reason, and despite some American logistical aid, the army was incapable of doing so. And was thus unsatisfied with the government and looking for the ideal moment to overthrow such an impossible government.
  • The American government has given Mauritania goods valued at $145,000 to try to mitigate the impact of an expected drought (things like, trucks and pesticides).
  • Finally, a rainstorm flooded KaĆ©di, a village on the border with Senegal whose population is 400 families, or several thousand people.


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