Thursday, October 06, 2005

Math major

Virginia Postrel digs up the requirements for a math major at SMU when Miers was there. Given that I learned how to think mathematically in algebra, it is a shame that algebra is not required. But at least one semester of "advanced calculus" is required, which means that she probably suffered through her share of epsilon and delta proofs, and thus did learn how to think mathematically.

Before you go making snide remarks about SMU's math department in the 1960s, realize that math instruction at the college level has become considerably more harder over the years. I read somewhere some Swat alum from the 1960s saying that he was a math major, but that it didn't compare at all to what is required of math majors now. And, well, not to snobby, but SMU is no...


Blogger henry said...

I was actually just wondering exactly this. I have to say that I am far more willing to trust someone who has taken analysis/algebra/topology than someone who hasn't. I'm not sure why.... I'd like to know what she actually ended up taking.

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