Friday, September 23, 2005

Public intellectuals

Prospect magazine is running a poll of top public intellectuals. One of those odd enterprises devoid of meaning but entirely fascinating. It also provides the snob value of counting the names you recognize, and the people you've read. Anyway. My selections:
  • Daniel Kahnemann;
  • Michael Walzer;
  • Amartya Sen;
  • Paul Krugman; and
  • Jeffrey Sachs.
Compare to, say, Kevin Drum, which is where I discovered it.


Blogger henry said...

Not sure what they mean by "top": is it who we like or who is actually most important? I'll just pick my favorites among those I'm familiar with:

Jagdish Bhagwati
Jared Diamond
Hernando de Soto
Paul Krugman
Amartya Sen

Entirely predictable I guess... But what is it to be a top intellectual? That you are right a lot? Or you write a lot? I think these things are more ways of people putting forth some sort of identity than picking the "top intellectuals." But picking an identity is hard and sometimes impossible. But I tried to do that in my choices....

5:44 AM  
Anonymous shar said...

based on the list--
Richard Dawkins
Jared Diamond
Thomas Friedman
Rem Koolhaas
EO Wilson.

12:40 AM  

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