Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The neo-liberal devil

The devil turns out -- not surprisingly -- to be well-funded. And, even, to have interesting projects. I've worked on World Bank sponsored projects: one about informality and another about educational attainment and I'll soon work on an IMF funded project about the Dutch Disease and inflation vs. real exchange rate targeting. Selling out is fun.

Update: When I started working on a World Bank project, I remember explaining to skeptical friends that, well, the World Bank isn't as bad as the IMF. So at least I'm not that evil: its more intellectually flexible, World Bank people mock IMF people for their narrowness and etc. So now what do I have left by way of self-justification? Well, I'll hang on the thread that this is a project premised on the idea that the IMF has been wrong, and, hey look, the IMF is funding (and even publishing) people critical of it. Isn't that what we want in an international organization? Yet my moral downfall continues...


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