Monday, August 08, 2005

Wealth and Cars

I just started a dinky temp. job working in the warehouse of an "uninterruptible power supply" company. Anyway, in the parking lot I counted 65 cars, none more than five years old. At a minimum new price of about $15,000, plus three really expensive cars (an Audi A8, a Mercedes E-Class, a Range Rover), you figure the total wealth represented by those cars is over $1 million: 65 x $15,000=$975,000, and that doesn't take into account that many cars were far more than $15,000. Amazing how much money people spend on cars.


Anonymous Battlepanda said...

I'm constantly flabbagasted by how much people spend on cars too. For me, it's strictly a place to get from here to there and my dinky 1992 Nissan Sentra does just fine.

I guess the automobile's function as a status symbol and reflection of one's identity is more responsible for the amount people are willing to spend on them.

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