Thursday, August 04, 2005

Coup in Mauritania!

See, for example, here.

There is a non-zero (but still slim) chance that I'll have first hand accounts from Nouakchott sometime later today or tomorrow.

Update: Looking at the Al-Jazeera story, it looks like the new head of state is the former police chief (Vall, 55, had served as the national police chief since 1987.). When I was in Dakar, I met a guy, Yah-Yah, who was the son of the chief of police in Mauritania. We had a long debate about religion and politics (taking rather opposite views on most things). Afterwards, he was very nice to me. He then returned home abruptly. This was early June. So, yeah, I think I met the son of the new head of state of Mauritania. Weird.


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