Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Obvious things which were non-obvious until yesterday

1. When in a music video the artist line reads "xxxx feat yyyy," this does not mean that three artists -- xxxx, feat, and yyyy -- were the artists on the song. Rather, it means that the song is by xxxx and featuring yyyy. I had realized at one point that "feat" seemed to be a slightly too prolific artist for it to actually be an artist, but I couldn't figure out what it meant.

2. In French, "foie" does not refer to the meat from some non-cow animal. Rather, it means liver. Now I was aware of "foie gras" which I knew to be goose-liver fat, but the grilled "foie" purchased on the street did not resemble goose meat, it looked, and tasted like red meat. Given that my French vocabulary on meats linked to animals is rather weak (hell, in English I have a hard time keeping it straight: beef is dead cow; lamb is dead sheep; mutton is dead sheep?; what's dead goat?; veal is dead baby lamb? cow? goat? get the point), I figured I was probably missing something; and there was always the high probability of having misheard the French. And I'd never knowingly eaten cow liver before, so I had nothing to link the experience to. So there you go: foie gras means "liver fat" and not "goose-liver fat" or " goose fat."


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