Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Economic Sociology

Via Marginal Revolution, a look at economic sociology. I'm all about economic sociology; last summer I read a bunch and this fall I'm taking a course. Because sociologists pay a lot more attention than economists to institutional details and how individuals understand their actions (as opposed to how the economist interprets their actions), it can be most stimulating. But then there is the portion of the literature devoted to glib dismissals of the entire enterprise of neo-classical economics which isn't particularly interesting to read. For it's not enough to say that the social matters and institutions matter, and thus the rational individual has no place in our analysis; tell me that the social matters and institutions matter, and then explain to me how the individual navigates those constraints: that's interesting and will make me rethink things.


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''We need theories that will actually give us some closure on how people do all these things together," he says. ''I think that's the big challenge in social science for the 21st century--to understand how those things all fit together."

Very cool.

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