Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Logic and Reason

Nick Confessore doesn't quite follow. He argues that for the new DNC chair to be a true "reformer" s/he has to be willing to shift the primary schedule so that "whatever states were closest in the last election [were] at the top of the list for the next one. Such a schedule would put a premium on Democrats who fit the "persuader" type, who can win back the voters who in many respects should be voting for their party, but for various reasons did not." The five states that should be first following this criteria: Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, New Mexico, and Wisconsin. Makes sense. Two paragraphs later, Confessore argues that "the New Hampshire and Iowa potentates who insist, against all logic and reason, that they should be first on the schedule are no less a part of the party's problem than the Beltway class that gets so much grief." But it appears that those potentates aren't contrary to logic and reason, after all, they were two of the five closest states. We would obviously like to continually recalibrate the primary schedule to make it match the last election cycle, that is a good idea, but it seems that New Hampshire and Iowa tend to be among those five closest states -- thus, the potentates have logic and reason when they say that they ought to be right at the beginning.


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