Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Kevin Drum jumps into the whole should-everyone-go-to-college-debate
I'm not going to get into the middle of this...but here's something to chew on anyway. It turns out there's already a representative subset of American high school graduates who all go to college: NCAA scholarship athletes. Within a small margin of error, this group is scholastically average, is forced to go to classes for (at least) four years to maintain eligibility, has their tuition completely paid for, and gets loads of special tutoring and other assistance.

So how do they do? Answer that question, and I think you've pretty much answered...[the] question.
Bizarre. I don't have all the statistics on hand, but it strikes me that this is not a pool from which you can extrapolate, well, anything. No other scholastically average group of students has such an extracurricular time commitment; no other scholastically average group of students has lived a life in which they are told that academics aren't necessary because sports will get them through; no other scholastically average group of students, well, anything that defines the athlete's experience and background has very little to do with the pool of students who would be going to college in a universal program.


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