Sunday, November 14, 2004

Why Oh Why Does Brad Delong Need To Nitpick? (Danny Okrent Edition)

Brad Delong writes about Danny Okrent's Public Editor piece in the Times' Week In Review:
Danny Okrent writes:
The New York Times > Week in Review > The Public Editor: It's Good to Be Objective. It's Even Better to Be Right: Reporter Jodi Wilgoren provoked a flood of complaints when she described John Kerry in April as "a social loner" without attributing her characterization to anyone -- as if her own experience covering the senator, and discussing him with scores of his friends and associates, were not evidence enough.
I know some "social loners." Some social loaners are friends of mine. No one who is a social loner has "scores of friends and associates"--to not have scores of friends and associates is what it means to be a social loner. No one who is a social loner could ever get elected a United States senator, just as nobody petrified of heights could make a career as a trapeze artist.
Never mind that Okrent's article agrees with and confirms every point about the media that Brad Delong has made in his blogging career. Instead of praising the article for taking the right stance on the media, he finds this silly but irrelevant detail to make fun of...why Brad Delong, why??


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