Monday, November 08, 2004

This says it all...

A very perceptive essay written after the 1988 election pretty much sums it up for this election as well. Mark Schmitt points out that this led directly to the creation of the DLC, but the party has strayed from the more moderate Clinton wing. Perhaps it is time for a return. Can Hillary do it? Lexington thinks she can. Isaac thinks Lexington is stupid. So does Josh Marshall. The fact that the presidency is becoming incestuous is not a particular problem for me, as it is for Josh. And I really like Hillary Clinton. Really, I would like anyone who would run the country like Bill Clinton did. But the point is, will she simply exacerbate the divide and cause yet another slim loss for Democrats? A bigger question is, can she restrain herself from running if she thinks she is not the best candidate for the party?


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