Sunday, November 07, 2004

Thank you, Ben Stein

Ben Stein makes the best case I've seen yet for saving Social Security:
I am going to make this really simple. It is fine to have no money when you're young. It is not fine to have no money when you're old. It is even fun to be poor when you're in college or right out of it. But to be retired and in your 70's and not know how you are going to pay your bills - that is terrifying. In fact, it's a grotesque nightmare.
So wouldn't it make sense to preserve the primary safety net for the elderly, and even enhance that safety net? Especially when millions of Baby Boomers have already made decisions based on current institutions? So why does Ben Stein support George Bush, whose Social Security "reform" plan will increase the chance that the program will not remain solvent?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ben Stein likes the idea that 30-40 million workers, who are not in the stock market, will get in as greenhorns, with maybe 15 billion per year...or much more. It could inch the S&P 500 up a few notches giving those heavy holders already in the market, including Ben, a nice hefty profit for only voting for Bush and his privatization. The saavy will take the greenhorns money any time. In my view, the Social Security should remain as is with only periodic incremental age adjustments as people live and work longer.

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