Saturday, November 06, 2004

Issues and Language

One interesting element of the 2004 was the way in which both the candidates and the media phrased the issues of the campaign. All policy was condensed into two groups: the Foreign and the Domestic. There were even separate debates for the Foreign and the Domestic. In previous campaigns, like in 2000, the split was not binary. There was the Surplus, Gun Control, Social Security, etc., and the Foreign was just one of the many individual issues.

Arguably, the fact that our foreign policy has come to the forefront of the debate moreso than in any post-Cold War election is a manifestation of the fact that it more important to many people. But, it is interesting to see how this new categorization of issues has tilted the playing field towards the Republican Party. A checklist with ten differentiated issues would have been much more flattering to John Kerry.


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