Thursday, November 11, 2004

In Honor of....

I'm sure that David Adesnick will be all over this, but the contrast between the New York Times' coverage of the days events in Mosul and Falluja and the Washington Post's is quite striking. The Post story is built around the discovery of a hostage -- and thus gives the days events an upbeat feel: we're liberating people! Our suspicions that there were insurgents in Falluja were right! Whereas the Times story starts off with insurgents attacking Mosul and spirals down from there: the suicide bomber and the looting of six police stations, plus the seizing of five bridges over the Tigris.

The Post's distance from events and the Times immediacy probably account for the difference. Nevertheless, reading the two give you remarkably different impressions of whats happening, even if they report essentially the same facts (the Post story leaves out the bridges, for instance).


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